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Opal photography

After a 6 month battle with getting perfect photos of my stones to put on the site, I have invested in some serious hardware to get the job done.

In the beginning, little did I know that Opal photography would be one of the most complicated things I’d get involved with while getting my cut stones on a website to be sold. I thought a few happy snaps with the iPhone would get the job done... NOPE! I then contacted a friend who is a photographer and ended spending a bit of money and a lot of time of getting some pretty good photos up... but I still wasn’t happy.

I started doing some research about macro photography, lighting, hardware I’d need and editing... and so I went down the rabbit hole of Macro photography and more specifically, photographing gem stones.

I have recently purchased a Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera with a 28mm Macro lens, as well as a 95 CRI photography lamp. I will be taking all my own photos and doing basically no editing on the images them selves. I will strive to give my customers a true image of whats the stones look like under ideal light conditions so you can purchase with confidence as what you see on the site is what you’ll receive in the mail.

Keep an eye on the website as over the next few weeks’ I’ll be adding over 300 cut stones to my inventory, photographed to the absolute best of my ability.

Thank you for supporting my small business and please feel free to ask me anything regarding my stones.

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