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About our stones

Opals are an incredible investment that will only ever appreciate in value. Sedimentary type Opal, with colour play, is only found in a very few places in the world. These include Coober Pedy in South Australia, Lightning Ridge in New South Wales and Yowah in Queensland, Australia. 

As a few mining fields in Australia have been closed, and the land has been returned to its indigenous owners, Opals from these areas will seek higher prices as the availability of the products steadily deceases. These include Mintabie, South Australia which was returned the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara people in 1981 and the leased mines were closed in 2019.

Black Opal, found in Lightning Ridge, is the rarest in the world and accounts for less than 5% of all Opals available. Some Black Opals can fetch prices in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and are highly sought after by Jewellers and Collectors alike. 

An Opal you purchase could become an heirloom or be a stunning treasure in your investment portfolio. We at Dragon Eye Opals seek to make these precious gems available to everyone at a reasonable cost and strive to be competitive in the retail market. Each stone is individually cut and polished with love and close attention to bring the best out of every Opal. 

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